Enabling responsible
use of antibiotics





"1 in 3 of us carry bacteria that can kill" *

* University College London Hospitals


When Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin in London in 1928 it changed the face of medicine. Antibiotics like penicillin have saved millions of lives around the world. 

Excessive and inappropriate use of antibiotics has led to development and spread of resistant bacteria. More and more antibiotics are becoming ineffective. It is estimated that by 2050 drug resistant infections will kill more than 10 Million people every year around the world.

As the use of antibiotics encourages the development of resistance, cutting their consumption is one of the most effective measures.

Antibiotics should only be used when the patient has been proven to be suffering from a bacterial infection. Unfortunately, difference between bacterial and viral infection cannot be identified on the basis of clinical symptoms alone. 


The Solution


Immunas develops a point-of-care diagnostic device that within minutes will be able to determine if the source of infection is bacterial or viral. 

The test will consist of reading device and a disposable chip. It will be performed with a drop of blood. It will quantify the amounts of protein markers in the blood by conversion of biological binding events into electrical signal. 

The test will be rapid, cheap, easy-to-use and minimally invasive.

We strive to make an evidence-based antibiotic therapy available for everyone.